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Tibet overland Tour

Trip Price

Per Person

Total Duration:8 Days


Trip Grade:Moderate


Transportation:Private Transportation

Accommodation:Hotel and Guest Houses

7 nights 8 days Tibet Overland Tour is designed for those who love High altitude land, Himalayas and Historical Monuments. In this tour is a great opportunity to feel driving at high altitude and opportunity to visit monasteries: - Tashilampu, Potala Palace, Jokhang, Drepung, Sera. It is also an opportunity to explore colourful Yamdrok Lake, crossing over 5000 meters highest passes and its beautiful decorative by Tibetan flags. Tibetan peoples and culture is again another charm to explore in this Tour.

This tour can be designed in many ways. With the same itinerary can join in fixed departure and private tour. Driving into Tibet or flying into Tibet is an optional choice in private tour. Tour also can be organised both way driving which is 8 nights 9 days tour in total. Arranging a tour in many ways you will enjoy and get the same experience of Tour in “Roof of the world” Tibet. 

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:Kathmandu (1300 m) - Zhangmu (2500 M)- Nyalam (3700 M) 156 Km

Day 02:Nyalam-Tingri (4350 M) / Lhatse (4350 M) : 225 Km

Day 03:TINGRI/LHATSE-SIGATSE (3900 m): 244 km

Day 04:SIGATSE-GYANTSE (3950 M): 244 km

Day 05:GYANTSE-LHASA (3650 M) 261 Km


Day 07:Lhasa sightseeing

Day 08:Lhasa – Kathmandu fly back or your next destination

Download Detail Itinerary

Cost Include

  1. Nepal Tibet boarder private Transportation
  2. 5 Nights Group sharing and 2 nights twin sharing accommodation in Tibet
  3. Bus or VAN as transportation during the Tibet Tour
  4. Tibet entry permission, Monasteries entry fees
  5. English Speaking Tibetan Guide during Tibet tour
  6. Breakfast every morning

Cost Exclude

  1. Lunch and Dinner
  2. Flight / Train fare from Lhasa onwards OR Drive back to Kathmandu from Lhasa
  3. Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry.
  4. And any other expenses which are not mentioned on the tour cost

Detail Itinerary

Day 01Kathmandu (1300 m) - Zhangmu (2500 M)- Nyalam (3700 M) 156 Km Early in the morning scenic drive to kodari ( Nepal- Tibet border) through the beautiful Nepalese country side and after necessary border formalities at Nepalese immigration and Chinese immigration, an one hour adventurous uphill drive by bus or van. Overnight at Guest House, Nyalam.

Day 02Nyalam-Tingri (4350 M) / Lhatse (4350 M) : 225 KmDay drive uphill to the highest plateau of the world with the typical view of Tibetan landscape offering sheer feeling of standing on the room of the world crossing over LALUNGLA (5050 m), from where, weather permitting, breathtaking panorama of beautiful Himalayan ranges including MT CHO OYU (8201 M) & MT XISHAPANGMA (8012 M) but dwarfed by the vastness of the Tibetan plateau. From TINGRI, one can enjoy the magnificence of MT.EVEREST (8848 M). Overnight at Guest House, Tingri.

Day 03TINGRI/LHATSE-SIGATSE (3900 m): 244 km continue scenic drive crossing over GYATCHU LA (5220 M), the highest pass en route to LHASA via Lhatse from where a road to MT KAILASH bifurcates to the west. Overnight at Guest, Shigatse.

Day 04SIGATSE-GYANTSE (3950 M): 244 km Morning sightseeing to the PANCHEN LAMA’S TASHILUMPU MONASTERY, Drive to GYANTSE and visit to the KUMBUM STUPA & PHALKOR MONASTERY.Overnight at hotel, Gyantse

Day 05GYANTSE-LHASA (3650 M) 261 Km Full day picturesque drive crossing over KAROLA(5010 M), KAMBALA (4794 M), colourful YAMDROK LAKE and Tibetan lifeline river BRAHMA PUTRA (YARLUNG TSANGPO)-Overnight at hotel, Lhasa

Day 06IN LHASA Guide and interpreter will lead you through several of Lhasa's many monasteries. The first one we will visit is Sera Monastery, a fifteenth century sprawl of golden roofs and whitewashed walls. This well-preserved monastery is located just a few miles north of Lhasa and is home to several hundred monks. In the afternoon we will visit the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, Norbulingka, as well as the Jokhang Temple. This temple is the most revered shrine in all of Tibet and is constantly bustling with devout worshippers. In the evening we stroll around in Barkor, the crowded central market of Lhasa.

Day 07Lhasa sightseeing A trip to Tibet would not be complete without experiencing the vital Potala Palace. This palace is Lhasa's cardinal landmark and is a wonder of eastern architecture. Your first site of this massive structure will be a magical moment remembered for years to come. It has been a palace since the fifth or sixth century and was once home to the Dalai Lama. This truly amazing day will be ended with a visit to the Drepung Monastery. Once the world's largest monastery, housing 10,000 monks, Drepung monastery lies hidden in rocky ridges just 5 km beyond the city. Surprisingly much of the building was left untouched throughout the Cultural Revolution. This is the last day for acclimatization in Lhasa before we continue the journey

Day 08Lhasa – Kathmandu fly back or your next destination Early in the morning drive to Gongger Airport then fly from Lhasa (3660m) to Kathmandu, Pick up from Kathmandu airport and transfer to the Hotel. Or fly/ drive by train to mainland China

Trip Note

  • Tibet Overland Tour is running in main month of the Years. From April to October. If  you want to join group, our regular group depart is in every saturday 
  • This Tour can operate as your private tour 
  • This tour can start at Lhasa and end at Lhasa or many other options
  • Tibet governement can change their rules and rugulation without previous notice. If there comes any expenses because of this condition, any charge of the trip is applied 

Recommendations for Yatra

Trip insurance is important documents. Touch Kailash Travels and tours do not need your insurance policy for permit and visa confirmation. it is only for your secure and immergency. make sure your insurance cover travelling up to 5600 miter altitude and cover Emmergency rescue and Medical bills.  

Oxygen level is less at higher altitudes. The inclement weather and high altitude induces certain illness generally not encountered over the plains. Headache, nausea, lassitude, lethargy, breathlessness, general uneasiness [malaise], high irritability, light loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and insomnia are a few. It is common to all irrespective of the age, sex and physical fitness. Gradual acclimatization is the best answer. Tranquilizers, sleeping dose and strong anti-biotic must be avoided. Some of symptoms indicate that the body mechanism is readjusting to new environments. The best idea is deliberately slow down all the activities and follows the following rules:

  • Rest.
  • Relax-do not exert, be excited.
  • Reduce talking.
  • Walk slowly – adopt one third of your speed and space.
  • Keep your load light.
  • Walk for 15 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.
  • Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just stop; rest and relax.
  • Ignore the sudden outbursts of fellow pilgrims and avoid arguments.
  • Observe silence with smile.
  • Never go too high and too fast.
  • Consume plenty of liquids; never proceed with an empty stomach.
  • Chant a prayer or visualize everything around to suit your pleasant thoughts or put on the earphones and listen to your favourite music, bhajans, chanting etc.
  • Be careful not to catch a cold. It is better to be over clothed than under protected. En-route avoids taking bath or drinking water from Lake Streams or rivers, as your system is not conditioned for this.
  • Keep your boots/Ked inside tent. Protect yourself against dust and direct sunshine during the long stretches of driving. Face, feet and hands must be well protected.
  • The uneven ground, steep slope and slushy banks are full of potholes. Do not combine walking and sight seeing together.
  • Always listen to your guide or the one with experience. Never leave the group.
  • On this trip, over exertion is to be avoided and drinking plenty of fluids is recommendable. During winter, heavy warm clothing is a must.


  • Kindly consult your doctor and get yourself examined for this yatra
  • As Mount Kailash and lake Manasarovar is situated at high altitudes please start exercises like walking, jogging, yoga and other breathing exercises in order to have a successful yatra at least from a month before. 


  You are advised to own a small waist pouch or document bag to manage the following documents properly;

  • Passport with Photo copies, Photographs, Identity card, Diary for addresses, contacts, small notes etc.
  • Ball pens with spare refills Maps/Charts/Books etc.
  • Travel Cheques, credit cards & Currency.
  • Airline/Railway tickets/vouchers.
  • Any other document for personal purposes.


  • Big bag for putting your equipment and others
  • A small light trek bag
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask for hot water (1 liter).

Note: Touch Kailash Travel provide you big bag and small day carry bag for Yatra


  • Enough clothing for the whole Yatra including 3 pairs trek suits/leisure wear/jogging troushers/4 to 5tea shirts/2 polar flees one light quilted /shirts/poloneck/salwar kameez etc. Do not over load.
  • Wool socks (around 4 pairs), thick tights, wool monkey cap, scarves, warm light gloves, scarf.
  • Wool/thermal long underwear
  • Rain wear (Umbrella or Raincoat)

Note: Down Jackets and Sleeping bags will be provided on returnable basis at Kathmandu for the Yatra


  • Sports comfortable shoes/trainers (Good one Nike, Adidas etc). Have a spare one too
  • A pair of light Sleepers


  • Toileteries kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toilet rolls, towels etc).
  • Sun screen lotion/cream
  • facial tissues, wet once,


  • Tourch/Candle/match box/lighter/batteries
  • Knife
  • Plastic mug
  • Dusk masks/face masks


  • Any regular medicines that you take
  • Dark Sunglasses
  • Your favourite food which will keep you going including Nuts, biscuits, powder juice
  • Kapoor/Vicks/Inhaler etc
  • Binoculars/Camera/extra batteries
  • Milk powder for tea


  • First aid kit (typical backpacking kit for minor injuries/ our guide also will carry).
  • Diamox/Aspirin/pain killers
  • Lip balm/Mustard oil/Vaseline
  • Plasters
  • TCP, salt, mint, Vicks for sore throats


Usefull Info

  1. Tibet travelling permit take at least 10 days to be ready. so we need your passport copy before than 10 days
  2. if we need to arrange flight ticket or train ticket to Lhasa, we will tell you the cost once we book it. cost can be changed as per availability
  3. Tibet rules are keep changing even last hour of the trip. If rules of Tibet are changed after your confirmation booking, Itinerary can be customized even at last hour. We wont have option than following Tibet government rules.
  4. Do not bring any books, magazine or any other materials related Tibet and Lamas. it is not allowed from Tibet Immigration
  5. If you are starting or endng your trip to Nepal, we can handle other arrangement of Nepal as well

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Trip Highlights

  • Historical cities of Tibet, Lhasa Gyantse and Shigatse
  • Potala Palace, spiritual and temporal power of Tibet and palace of Dalai Lama
  • Norbulinka palace, summer palace of the Dalai Lama 
  • Jokhang temple, Holiest Tibet's temples
  • Barkhor squire,Lhasa's liveliest place and the main route for prayer wheels rotating  
  • Drepung Monastery, school of 10,000 monks
  • Tashilampo Monastery in Shigatse and Gyantse Dzong in Gyantse
  • Scenic drive with passing through higgest passes and Panaromic Hiamalayan views
  • Yamdrok Lake, Biggest lake in Tibet

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