Motorbike tour in Nepal


Biking in Nepal is a dream of most bikers. The geographical structures of Nepal attract riders seeking biking in the Himalayas, the Hills, and the Plains. Starting through Highways, to narrow street ‘gallis’, around the temples, through crop fields and grazing cattles, through high passes, and along river banks. Relax while riding with the natural mountain air, by the great Himalayan views after riding for hours. The views of unlimited rows of hills and the snowcapped Himalayas, riding along waterfalls and suspension bridges, high over fast-flowing rivers. Motorbiking and Mountain Biking in Nepal are among the most refreshing and rejuvenating sports one can enjoy while one stays in the beautiful country of Nepal.

From one-day rides to months-long rides, through the plains to the hills to the Himalayas, into Tibet, the roof of the world. Biking in Nepal along the Himalayan Trails, through the chilly Himalayas and the green, terraced hills, there are a lot of options for bikers in Nepal.