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Our Team

  • Bashu Kumar Adhikari

    Bashu Kumar Adhikari

    Director, CEO

    Our CEO and director hails from the foothills of the Himalayas, having been born and raised in the Dhading District of Nepal, just west of Kathmandu. With over three decades of experience in the tourism sector, he has been dedicated to providing exceptional services in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.

    Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Dhading District, he developed a deep appreciation for nature from an early age. This love for the environment has been a driving force behind his continuous efforts to enhance itineraries and plans, ensuring clients have smooth, memorable experiences across Nepal, Tibet, India, and beyond.

    Beyond his professional commitments, our director is a compassionate individual and a strong advocate for helping the needy. Actively engaged in social work throughout various locations in Nepal, he contributes to making a positive impact in the lives of those who require assistance. His commitment to both the tourism sector and social welfare reflects a holistic approach to making a meaningful difference in the places he holds dear.

  • Obil Adhikari

    Obil Adhikari

    Managing Director

    Meet Mr. Obil Adhikari, the dynamic Managing Director of Touch Kailash Travels and Tours. A passionate traveler at heart, he is on a mission to transform the tourism landscape in Nepal and Tibet. Mr. Adhikari is not just a leader in the travel industry; he is a staunch advocate for eco-tourism and sustainable practices. Under his guidance, Touch Kailash is not only a provider of unforgettable experiences but also a pioneer in responsible tourism. His personal commitment to exploring with minimal environmental impact and engaging local communities reflects a vision for a sustainable and vibrant future for these breathtaking regions. In the world of Mr. Adhikari, travel is a force for positive change, leaving behind a legacy of preserved beauty and empowered communities.

  • Indira Bhatta

    Indira Bhatta


    Mrs. Indira Bhatta, a seasoned accountant, is renowned for her commitment to precision and ethical financial practices. As a trusted professional, she upholds the highest standards in accounting, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial reporting. Mrs. Bhatta's dedication extends beyond her role, as she actively stays informed about evolving financial regulations, contributing to a culture of responsibility and integrity. In her world, accounting is not just a profession but a commitment to fostering financial health and ethical conduct.

  • Utshab Adhikari

    Utshab Adhikari

    Tour Planner

    Mr. Utshab Adhikari, a dynamic tour planner, is known for crafting unforgettable journeys. His keen eye for detail and innovative approach result in personalized experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Committed to responsible tourism, he leaves a positive impact on the destinations he explores. With a passion for discovery, Mr. Adhikari constantly seeks out new perspectives, ensuring each journey is authentic and immersive. In his world, tour planning is an art—a means of weaving stories through travel, leaving travelers with lasting memories.

  • Ramgopal Adhikari

    Ramgopal Adhikari

    Senior Guide

    Mr.Ramgopal Adhikari is a senior guide at Touch Kailash, he has been to Kailash and has been providing services in the field for a very long time. Experienced in almost every situation possible in Tibet, he is able to manage the trip to make memories for you, cherishable for a lifetime. Mr.Ramgopal has been providing great services to the yatris with improvements in himself with his experience and hard work.

  • Sunil Kumar Bhatta

    Sunil Kumar Bhatta


    Sunil Kumar Bhatta, the Head of Logistics at Touch Kailash Travels and Tours, stands out as a highly responsible and invaluable member of the team. His contributions have been instrumental in the success of Touch Kailash. From efficiently organizing transportation, jackets, and equipment to flawlessly executing his responsibilities, Mr. Sunil is known for his impeccable track record with zero mistakes. From the moment of your arrival to your departure from Nepal, he will be your dedicated point of contact, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

    Marked by enthusiasm and a strong commitment to his role, Sunil Kumar Bhatta plays a significant role in the operations of Touch Kailash. His attention to detail and proactive approach make him a key player in ensuring the success and satisfaction of every traveler associated with the company.

  • Kitchen Team

    Kitchen Team

    Kitchen Department

    The Culinary Team at Touch Kailash Travels takes charge of delivering the most delectable meals at the top of the world. Whether it's the crack of dawn or the late hours of the night, they are consistently available to offer you mouthwatering dishes. Even in the most remote locations, if you find yourself yearning for a specific flavor, rest assured, they are ready to satisfy your cravings!

  • Dil Ghale

    Dil Ghale

    Senior Guide

    Mr.Dil Ghale is among the senior guides at Touch Kailash, he has been providing services in the field for a very long time. Experienced in almost every situation possible in Tibet, he is able to manage the trip to make memories for you, cherishable for a lifetime. Mr.Dil has been providing great services to the yatris with improvements in himself with his experience and hard work.

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    Awesome trip to Kailash and Excellent Service

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