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India is a country believed to be among the oldest and rich in Culture, Religion, and Spirituality. Visit the Holy places in India, whether it may be the Northern picturesque Uttarakhand or the Southern Heavenly Rameshwaram, offer your prayers and respect to the almighty and gain spirituality. 
There are thousands of temples, shrines, holy rivers, and cities along their banks all over the country. Some places that must be visited by pilgrims are the Chardham Temples, namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Some other important temples are Dwarka, Puri, Tirupati Balaji, and Rameshwaram. The holy cities alongside the holy rivers are Varanasi (Benaras), Ayodhya, Haridwar, Mathura, Dwarka, Kanchipuram, and Ujjain. 
Touch Kailash Travels and Tours organizes pilgrimage tours to India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Browse through our packages to visit some religious temples or Contact Us  for more information/ to get your trips customized as per your requirement. 

Pilgrimage Tours Package(s):

  • Do Dham Tour

    Do Dham Tour

    Trip Duration: 8 Days

    Do Dham yatra means visiting any two dhams from Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. But…

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  • Tirupati Tour Package

    Tirupati Tour

    Trip Duration: 4 Days

    Abode of the Glorious God  Tirupati is among the most popular Pilgrim's destinations, situated in…

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  • Char Dham Tour

    Char Dham Tour

    Trip Duration: 12 Days

    Char Dham are the four temples in the Hindu Religion, namely: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri.…

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  • Amarnath & Vaishnodevi Tour

    Amarnath & Vaishnodevi Tour

    Trip Duration: 10 Days

    Amarnath Yatra along with Vaishnodevi Yatra can be completed at one single trip with

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  • Varanasi Tour

    Varanasi Tour

    Trip Duration: 4 Days

    The city of Varanasi, or Benaras, is a city resting on the banks of the Holy…

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    Great organisation

    Great organisation


    We had an amazing trip. These guys are amazing and we're looking after us 24/7. Managed to see and experience Nepal in friendly and feel-like-local attitude. This is a place I would definitely be returning!

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    Pashupatinath Around 2 KM away from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, is the Pashupatinath Temple. The UNESCO Heritage Site is the biggest Hindu temple in Nepal and is among the most pious sites. The temple welcomes millions of devotees and tourists…

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