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How Difficult is Kailash Manasarovar Yatra?

03 September Post by: Touch Kailash

How Difficult is Kailash Manasarovar Yatra?

Holy Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is not as difficult as one anticipates. With the right travel agent, the right guides, the right time, and a perfect team, Kailash Yatra is completed in a blink of an eye with memories to cherish throughout a lifetime. With experienced and medically trained guides and helpers from Touch Kailash Travels, the yatris are given individual care. Especially with the increasing facilities in Tibet side also, Kailash Yatras have been remarkably easier compared to a few years ago. Kailash Yatra begins from months prior to the travel date. The travel agent applies for permits months in advance and gets the permits ready. Upon receiving of original passports, the agents apply for visas. Once you pack your bags as per the Recommendation for Kailash Yatra from Touch Kailash, the visas and passports get in your hands, then Kailash Yatra actually begins once you get on your flights to Kathmandu/ Lucknow. 
Upon your arrival, you are greeted and taken to your booked hotel. Touch Kailash Travels and Tours will give you a short briefing for the days ahead. The second day is spent sightseeing the Kathmandu Valley and doing any last-minute preparations. The next day, we drive to Syabrubesi, the last town before Nepal - Tibet border on off-roads, it is better to avoid monsoon for the overland route). The following day, we will cross the immigration after formalities and drive on paved roads to the town of Kerung where we will be spending the night. The next day, we will drive to the city of Saga. The city is well-hopitated and we will spend an extra day as acclimatization day. We will drive to Manasarovar Taal the following day via Paryang. Accommodations have improved quite a bit in cities and towns although there still are mudhouses in Manasarovar. We will explore Manasarovar and drive to the Kailash Base Camp of Darchen. At Darchen, we will get the sight of the Holy Mount Kailash. The next day we will drive to the valley of Gods, Darboche Valley and get our horses/ helpers for the three-day parikrama. We will then hike to end the first-day kora at Dirapuk. We will get the sights of the South Face, West Face, and North Face on this day. From Dirapuk, we will clearly be able to see the North Face of Mt. Kailash. On the second day, we will trek to Juthulpuk. This day is considered as a difficult day since we cross the 5600m high Dolma La Pass, Shiva-tsal, the Eastern Face of Mt. Kailash, and Buddha's footprints. We will explore the Milarepa cave the following day and end our Kora to drive back to Saga. The next day, we have some free time in the evening after driving to Kerung. The next day, we will drive back to Kathmandu and end the trip. 

If there are any health hazards or any medical problems with Yatris, the guides and helpers immediately descend to lower altitude and get professional health care, if the cases worsen, then they are brought back to Kathmandu for medical care on helicopters as well. Although by doing light yoga, along with some breathing exercises, one can avoid altitude sickness, the guides will provide you with proper medications and offer you great tips to overcome altitude sickness. Comparing to the yatra in the last few years, there have been improvements in the facilities and can be done by pilgrims wishing to pray and visit the Holy Abode of Lord Shiva. 

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