Manakamana Temple

Updated on July 02, 2024

Manakamana Temple is situated in Gorkha District. It is the sacred place of Hindu Goddess Bhagwati,an incarnation of Parvati. The word Manakamana is originated from two words ‘mana’which means heart and ‘kamana’ means wish. People believed that if anyone makes a wish by their heart in Manakamana, would obviously be fulfilled. Therefore, the Goddess of this temple is known by wish fulfilling goddess. It is 104km away from Kathmandu valley by bus and from pokhara it is of 3 to 4 hours way by bus or car. From there we can see a clear view of Manasalu and Annapurna Himalayas. It is 12km south from Gorkha town and is 1302m above from the sea level. People from other districts come to worship the goddesses of this temple as well as to have a wish knowing that Bhagwati is wish fulfilling goddess. People from abroad also come to visit Manakamana Temple to spent their holidays or leisure time.

There are many reasons for visiting this temple. Many married couples come here to worship for their long life together, students for their success in their studies, businessman for the success in their business and so on. There are two alternatives to reach the Manakamana Temple i.e. cable car or by foot. After walking for 4 hours by foot through green hill, we reached to Manakmana Temple.         It has become the best spot for the trek lovers from Gorkha Bazar. The easiest means to reach the temple or the best solution to reach there is by cable car which is very useful and comfortable way to reach the temple on time. Cable car carries six people at a time and takes 8 minutes to reach to the other end. The view seen from the cable car is very entertaining. Ticket for the cable car is also taken from major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Biratnagar etc. and also from other countries like India, France, UK, USA etc. Many animals like goat are scarified during special occasion like Dashain and nag panchami. This place has become one of the tourism places for tourist to visit. People either from Nepal or from abroad come here for the sight of the goddess Bhagwati.

Most of the visitors of Manakamana Temple are local Nepalese and Indian pilgrimage. Indian pilgrimages make them one the way tour to Manakanmana in their Muktianth Yatra. Ticket fees of Manakamana are equal for Nepalese and Indian nationality but different fair for other than Indians and Nepalese. Surroundings the temples, local types of restaurants provide typical foods. There is a restaurant at the base of cable car, where a good restaurant lies to provide you good western foods as well. You also love to explore lots of typical gift shops around.    

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