When to visit Mount Kailash?

Updated on June 03, 2024

When to visit Mount Kailash? 

The best time to visit the Holy Mount Kailash is from April to October. The climate is on our side, revealing the spectacular views of the Tibetan plateau and landscapes which are covered by thick snow during the rest of the year. Clear views of the Holy Mount Kailash can be observed, allowing for a relatively easier Kora and avoiding the muddy roads. Experiencing the Golden Holy Kailash Parvat during Sunrise is among the most surreal experiences one can have. 

April and May is the time when the snowcapped Tibetan plateau slowly starts clearing up, with sunlight and slight snow, we will have fabulous views. Clear and Sunny days with slight breezes and cool air in the night will be our companion. 

Saga Dawa Festival, a big Tibetan festival is celebrated usually during June, is among the best times to be in the Kailash region. We get to experience the Tibetan cultures, the traditions where Lamas offer prayers to celebrate Sakyamuni's enlightenment. Darboche valley - the valley of gods is at its best, with Buddhist flags around the newly erected flagpoles, Tibetan Lamas, and pilgrims in huge numbers, celebrating the festival. 

Tibetan Monsoon hits during the month of July for a short period of time, when snowfalls join us for our Kora. The light snowfalls will make the kora more rejuvenating and memorable, giving us the mystical feelings time and again. The views of the Tibetan Landscapes are just picturesque. 

During September - October, we will be joined by the green lands, grazing cattles, crystal clear rivers, and streams from the Tibetan Himalayas, during our trip, giving us surreal experiences. Slight greenery in the Tibetan altitude shows us the true meaning of life.

Join us for the Kailash Mansarovar Tours, from different routes, customized as per your requirements and needs, our team of experts will help you grasp the most out of the Holy Mount Kailash and amazing Tibetan Plateau. 


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