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19 March Post by: Hemanta Budhathoki


Lumbini, Birth place of Buddha

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”

--Gautam Buddha



Lumbini Zone, Rupandehi District, Western Terai, Nepal  (about 300km west of capital Kathmandu and 200km south of Pokhara) 

N27 28 8.004 E83 16 33.996

Lumbini is one of the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal which is under the World Heritage Site granted, by UNESCO in 1997. Maya Devi, the queen of King Suddhodana gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) in 563 BC. The sacred area in Lumbini is one of the most holy and significant places for one of the world’s great religions as the birthplace of the Lord Buddha.

Various archeological and excavations in and around Lumbini scientifically proofs that Lumbini is tha actual birth place of buddha. There are numbers of temple including Maya Devi temple which is traditionally called the birth place of Gautam Buddha and it is the main temple in Lumbini. Many  Monastries, Monuments and a museum are situated in this holy site. Right beside the maya devi temple, you can find a holy pond or “Puskarini”, where after giving birth to Buddha, Maya Devi (Buddha’s mother) took ritual bath and also Buddha too had is first bath. Ashoka Pillar standing near the Maya Devi Temple has a different story. It was erected by Emperor Ashoka in about 250 BCE as a tribute to Lord Buddha’s Place. Also he gifted an inscription on it, which is taken as a proof of his physical presence in this place. Inside the garden in Lumbini there is the “Shanti deep” the unique eternal flame which symbolizes the overall focus on compassion and non-violence. You can see and visit ‘World Peace Pagoda’ (shanti stupa) which is 115 feet tall and 344 feet in diameter. The same Pagoda is built in another beautiful city on Nepal, Pokhara and the Pagoda is situated on hill top, from there you can observe and click amazing views of nature. There are beautiful shrines, monasteries, nunneries and garden in Lumbini built by devotees for from Buddhist countries as their contribution to the birth place of Lord Buddha. The entire garden is very beautiful, ideal and peace for meditation in the morning and good vibes fill its surroundings. Lumbini today has become a symbol for world peace and harmony.

This is really a beautiful place to visit once in your life to know what the ‘peace’ really is. Once entering to the garden, you feel to realize that you are walking in a different place among all others because of its peaceful environment and surroundings. The site does not receive a large amount of visitors. Most pilgrims to Lumbini come from Southeast Asia, Japan and Tibet, and westerners come regularly as well. A visit to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, is not only for spiritual enlightenment but also for solace and satisfaction that one gets in such a calm and peaceful place.

Lumbini is 281 kilometer from Kathmandu via prithivi highway. Local bus is available from Kathmandu which goes up to Vairahawa. It is further 28 kilometer drive from there. Another option to reach there is taking 45 minutes flight from Kathmandu. There are more than 4 flights everyday by several airlines from Kathmandu. Reserve/ Private car from Kathmandu is also a option to reach Lumbini. Chitawan National park, Natural city Pokhara, bandipur and other touristic places can be customized with Lumbini tour. Touch Kailash Travels and Tours can arrange those services as per clients requirement.  

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