Our Efforts in Tourism Post Covid-19

Updated on June 05, 2024

The Corona Virus Pandemic has made a huge impact on the entire world, especially in the tourism sector. To battle the virus, we are doing our parts by working from home. The virus has for sure hit Nepal hard, being a country that relies on the Tourism sector for its economy. After online discussions and through the directions of the Nepal Tourism Board, WHO, and other Tourism and Health organizations, Touch Kailash Travels and Tours has come up with protocols that will be put into effect until the situations are normalized. We are positive that these guidelines and protocols will be instrumental in providing improved travel-confidence towards Nepal and Tibet and ensure a memorable positive life experience for our valuable guests. We would like to share with you the following protocols that will assure you of a safe and as usual mesmerizing trips and tours while reopening from the Corona Virus Pandemic.

1. Safety and Hygiene 

Safety and Hygiene of the travelers and the TKTT team will be given topmost priority. With our kitchen staff being fully sanitized to the servings being done by them with PPE. There will be minimal contact with the outsiders and those not belonging to the group/ the team. We will be working together during the travel while washing our hands and sanitizing ourselves frequently. We will be wearing face masks and any sort of medical condition will be reported and checked immediately. Group sizes will not exceed 25 members and physical distancing will be maintained throughout the trip. 


2. Transportation

Vehicles will be routinely sanitized and cleaned. The use of disinfectants will be maximized. The drivers and staff will maintain healthy personal hygiene and the use of PPE by the drivers and staff will be mandatory. Vehicles will be disinfected with every trip and equipped with masks for the passengers. The vehicles will not be occupied completely, passengers will have to maintain social distance within the vehicle and sit at a distance. 


3. Accommodation

Accommodations (Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, etc.) will be disinfected regularly, while staff maintaining healthy personal hygiene. The accommodation kitchen will have highly secure processes and a healthy routine will be followed. The rooms will be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. Accommodation will have thermal checking and will record contact details in their entry points. Social distance will be maintained inside the hotels, which might affect eating timings. Meetings cannot exceed 25 members in total and masks will be encouraged. 


4. Bookings

While trip bookings, we will require you to fill up a booking form with your entire details, your previous travel destinations, medical conditions, and whether or not you had any contact with the Corona Virus. Travel Insurance will be asked and made mandatory, any other instructions from the Nepal Government and WHO will be followed, keeping in mind the safety and enjoyment of the travelers. We will be doing our level best to provide you the best of services given the circumstances.


5. Tourist and Adventure Activities

Touristic places and sites will require you to have face masks on at all times and maintain social distance. We will be there to guide you and make the most out of the beautiful places but we require you to help us do so by abiding by the rules and regulations that will be put into effect in the sites. Adventure activities like rafting will allow only 50% occupancy of the rafts while maintaining a physical distance. Group sizes shall not exceed 25 members and the leaders will be reporting immediately if there are any medical casualties seen. 


We are confident and positive that these protocols that are under effect by the Touch Kailash Team will help boost your travel confidence and assure you of safe travel. We have always been working on and give our utmost priority to the experience and safety of the travelers and will continue to provide topnotch services and memories to cherish for a lifetime. We are positive that you will be utterly supporting us to make your travel, an experience of a lifetime. 


For more protocols and rules from the Nepal Tourism Board and the Nepal Government, please visit the link below: 


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