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Pashupatinath Temple

08 January Post by: Hemanta Budhathoki

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is one of the most sacred Hindu temple in Nepal and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims from Nepal, India and from other countries visit Pashupatinath as a pilgrimage and other westerners visit it as a heritage site of Nepal. Building with art of Hindu architectures, Pathupatinath temple is listed on UNESCO world’s heritage site. The main temple of Pashupatinath is building with a bunk roof and golden spire. Other two storied roof is made from copper and top with gold. Temple is cubic construction with four main doors covered with silver sheets. Numerous other decorative temples are built around main temples. Hundreds of single stone Shiva Lingams are around temple which are dedicates with Lord Shiva. Temple is believed to make wishes come in true. Only Hindu followers can enter inside of main temple. All other can enter outside periphery. A very good view of main building is viewed from eastern area of Pashupatinath. Foreigners and other religious peoples can visit all other buildings beside main temple of Pashupatinath.

It is believed that those who get chance to die in Pashupatinath Temple are reborn as Human. It is a temple of special atmosphere of Death. Nearly lies Bagmati River believed to be a holy river as per Hinduism. Bank of the Bagmati River, there are many platform as cremation center where the death bodies are openly fired. The peoples of valley put priority for cremation of their relative death body in Pashupatinath. Many other religious functions are happen bank of the River and at around Temples. Special ritual puja at morning inside of Temples and evening Aarati from other side of Bagmati River is special function every day. Besides that there will be special named function as per Hindu ritual calendar. All the managements of Temples and surroundings are managed by Pashupati Development committee.

On both banks of Bagmati River, there are animals like Monkeys and Deers as Lord Shiva is consider the patron of Animals and living organism. Monkeys are used to beg foods from walking peoples. They sometimes very unfriendly with peoples by grab foods from people’s hand. There are lots of Yogis/ Sadhus as they are beloved of Lord Shiva. They are decorative with different colored and their dresses are different than normal peoples. Peoples love to take photo with them. Decorative beads and flowers shops around the temple make your eyes busy. Decorative Parkside near the temple is good place to spend time and see people’s activities.   

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